Offer for Android Game Studios and Developers

On every Game Studio or App Developer with at least one game at Google Play store can have it's game promoted.

On game players can check out many new interesting and various games in one place, on one screen without infinite scrolling and annoying 'next-page-clicking'.

Rules of promoting games on the site:

1. At can be presented games which are developed for Android OS.

2. Games are presented on the main page of on a panel of 1250 x 1000 pixels area divided into 10x10 pixel squares. The area will always be on the main page and it's resolution will never be changed.

3. Beside main page every game will be presented on a subpage 'List of Games' of the website in order of size of its' area on the panel

4. One game can occupy minimum one 10x10 pixel square grouped in maximum one block of connected squares

5. One game studio/developer may rent minimum 10 squares at once

6. The price of rental of one 10x10pixel square is €5.00 or $6.00 USD for time period of 12 months

7. The legal form of cooperation is a Lease Agreement of Website Advertising Space

8. After 12 months the agreement expires, although the game studio has right to prolong the agreement on a period of next 12 months on previous area or to decrease/enlarge it's area.

9. Every block of squares can be linked to game's Google Play profile page or Game Studios website or profile page

10. The owner of can refuse promotion of a game if it is not appropriate for persons under 18 years old.